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The Emperors of this Domain: Sinderr/Agent Sleet

Orignal Webmaster/Design: Ryan S. "Watcher"

SysAdmin: Dag

A few facts...

The SG was founded on May 08, 2004.
Co-founded by Nucleus and Phaser, it's one of the oldest Super Groups on Triumph.

Wild Cards Are 3 SG's strong...

WILD CARDS - the original SG
Wild Cards Suicide Kings - 2nd main SG
Wild Cards Royal Flush - Level 50 SG

Running with the Wild Cards is always a fun event. From endless fun on Team speak to action packed missions. We are always willing to add to our family, so get in contact with one of these Leaders and we will get you on a team to try you out!! See the Forums for more info.

Our Teaming nights are Tuesday and Thursday.