The Wild Cards are part of Triumphs Super Coalition , with Global Heroics and Fusion Force.

We have formed a "Super Coalition" with Fusion Force and Global Heroics super groups. Fusion Force is the largest SG currently on triumph, with Wild Cards and Global Heroics being 2 of the second largest SG. A little trivia, Global Heroics was voted by the players and the "Best SG on Triumph" in the recent CoH contest. So we are talking some very nice company with two long established Super Groups.

Why you ask?? Good question.

With the release of CoV, the number of people spending time in CoH has fallen off. This is an unfortunate side effect, especially when some people are CoH players only. The pool of players to get onto pickup teams with has quickly dwindled. In order to provide a good players base, of experienced players to team with, the leaders of our 3 Super Groups have chosen this "Super Coalition" on Triumph.

We have appointed a "Super Group Liaison" Sellefane, to be the Wild Cards face to the Fusion Force and Global Heroics. Selle will handle setting up teaming events every now and then, and also need to be somewhat active on our coalitions web sites. Previously, with the Wild Cards and Zerg, she has done all of the duties that the position requires, and brings a lot of experience to the table. She is an active forum poster on the CoH and SG boards, and well known in the Triumph community.

This coalition is a very valuable resource that I hope we all take advantage of. Many good and experienced players are now only a coalition chat away from teaming. Lets make the most of this "Super Union", by being active in the coalition chat, looking for teams, and sending out invitations for teaming to our new allies.


























Updates to Bases coming...

Positron has stated that the entire base system is being looked at.

"Two of the biggest complaints we see about the base system is “Stuff is too expensive” and “It takes us too long to get a base that does anything useful.” Statesman and I have looked closely at the data. We have looked at various Supergroup sizes and how they have been earning Prestige since CoV launched. One thing became clear, and that was that players were not earning Prestige at the rate that we had expected them to."


" In regards to Rent: This is one of the items we are looking at closely this week. The "glass ceiling" was a design decision to prompt SGs into recruiting more members to get past it. It's fairly obvious (and has been for months) that you all universally hate the idea."

This is good news for groups like us that are about having fun and enjoying the game, and not just inviting people purely for prestige earning. News as it comes down the pipe can be found here on our Forums, as well as on the main CoH forums.

New Base Features

New Issue 7 base features will allow you to spruce up, buff up, and share gear all in the comfort of your own base! 

Tired of not being able to store those special Inspirations you've been lugging around for months?  Do you wish you could leave your Salvage and Enhancements in your cozy citadel for you and your compatriots to use later?  With the new Storage Items you will be able to create Inspiration receptacles, Enhancements containers, and bins to keep all your Salvage in a convenient spot for all to share! 

Have you ever wished you could throw together some powerful instant buffs to prep for battle in your deadly lair?  Now you can prepare for a fight with Empowerment Stations.  These Stations, ranging from basic to advanced levels, will allow you to create amazing buffs from salvage recipes - increasing your speed, boosting your resistances, and other special bonuses! 

Finally, have you ever felt that your impenetrable fortress just does not reflect your Supergroup's flair for design?  Soon you will be able to buy banners, tables, holograms and other items to decorate your base with your Supergroup's colors and symbol!

With the release of Issue 7 you can strategize in the great hall around your new table - your Supergroup banner flying high - grab the best Inspirations, update to the latest Enhancements, buff up at your Empowerment Station, and head off to battle confident that you shall be victorious no matter what plans your vile enemies might have in store.