The Beginnings of the Wild Cards







Actual : Nucleus and Phaser who in fact have been Real Life best friends for over 20 years. Had been playing COH since a few days after Launch and were both at around level 8.5 decided on May 8 th 2004 that they were going to race to level 10 to see who was going to form the SG, after first deciding on the Name and Colors.Nucleus won that race and while he was in Atlas forming the SG Phaser who was still in Perez Park Dinged LVL 10 and quickly ran to Atlas where Nucleus invited him into the SG and promoted him to ACE and the WILD Cards were formed. The first ever recruit was named Energon, the very first king was Ninjexus and the First Non-Co-Founder Ace was Psychic Ranger. The Wild Cards First level 50 was Captain Torch. Since then there has been a wonderful host of Players in what has become one of Triumphs Oldest and Most Respected SG's. Nucleus and I never could have imagined what would become of the Small SG started by two Friends. We'd like to thank everyone who has helped in making the Wild Cards what we have become in the Triumph Online community. The Wild Cards will remain ever Vigilant in our commitment and devotion to our members and Online Community.

Wild Cards Rock!!!


Role Playing:






Role Playing: The Rikti Invasion were troubled times, when aliens hell bent on taking over earth decided they'd start with Paragon city. The Heroes of the Time Waged a daily battle to secure the survival of man Kind and the Parents of (Late Teen Heroes & Best Friends) Phaser and Nucleus were no exceptions. It was a Dark day when Phaser, His fraternal Twin Disruptor and Nuc's parents told the three young adults to stay in Nucleus's Family apartment in Kings Row until they returned from a Battle being waged at “The Front Line” which is now known as the Rikti Crash Site. Phase, Nuc and Dis were waiting anxiously for the return of their parents when the front door to the humble apartment swung open and only Nucleus's mother stood there with tears in her eyes. She sat the three boys down and explained to them how their parents died courageously in Battle keeping the Rikti Invaders at bay as they all broke down in Tears. She and Nucleus adopted Phaser and Disruptor into their family and decided it might be best if they left Paragon city. They were preparing to leave Paragon when the Rikti War spilled into their Kings Row neighborhood and Nucleus's mother was cut down by the Blades of Teleporting Rikti while trying to make it possible for the young Heroes to escape. Nucleus and Phaser became enraged and began battling the Rikti away from Nucleus's mothers' seemingly lifeless body while Disruptor cloaked and tended to her wounds. When they finally made it to her she was barely clinging on to Life and they rushed her to Paragon Memorial where she was placed into the ICU unit. The enraged Nucleus and Phaser then decided that day; they would enter the fight against the Invaders. Disruptor said it was too dangerous and they were throwing their Lives away and he would stay with Nucleus's mother and Take care of her. They were there, during the Last and final Battle of the Rikti War when the tired and War Tattered Hero Statesman grabbed the two boys and told them “you know you two had no business being out there with the rest of us risking your Lives like that, And even though I have a right mind to punish you both. I have to admit that the Two of you were the Wild Cards that turned the tide of the Battle today and Paragon City is in your debt.”  After that declaration from Statesman Nucleus and Phaser rushed to the Hospital to tell Nucleus's mother the good news only to discover she had been insidiously murdered by radiation poisoning while sleeping in her Hospital bed and Disruptor was nowhere to be found. There was a small quiet burial in which Nuc and Phase made a vow and formed the Wild Cards to protect the rest of Paragon's citizens from “such a Fate”.