The Beginnings of the Tarot Cards

It was a dark day indeed when Nucleus Sr. and Novina (Parents of Nucleus) along with their best Friends Photon and War bird (Parents of Phaser and Disruptor) left their Late teen sons in the Kings Row Apartment until they returned from fighting at the Crash Site of the Rikti Invaders. Four Courageous Heroes left that day but only Novina was to return to tell the Teenage boys of the Demise of their Beloved Parents. She unfortunately saw it all, it was typical fanfare as War Bird flew in fast and hard clearing a path for Nucleus and Photon to get deep into enemy lines and mop up with their Energy Blasts and Novas while she stayed invisibly behind keeping them healed and calling out changes in the Tactics and Maneuvers. It was business as usual until the Teleporting swarms of Rikti became more than War Bird could handle and her defenses were overwhelmed. In a single shot from one of their weapons she was knocked from the sky and went falling towards the pavement and into the waiting blades of even more Rikti. Photon watching his wife being overwhelmed and sliced by the alien blades Flew headlong into crowd of aliens surrounding his wife Followed by best Friend Nucleus Sr. they were both easily shot from the sky and hit the ground with crashing thud Novina tried to heal, awaken and save them all to no avail as they were all surrounded by too many. Novina was barely able to escape with her own life through the hail of blasts in the sky, but the thought of the Boys kept her going all the way back to the Kings Row apartment. She informed the boys and tried to pack up and leave before the war spilled into the surrounding area which it did moments after she arrived. She was overwhelmed while making a path for the young heroes to escape and ended up at Paragon Memorial where she kept reliving the Deaths of her Husband and Friends over and over in her unconscious mind. It did appear as if they were all dead but in fact Nucleus Sr. who'd fallen through the weakened pavement at the Rikti's point of impact all the way into Paragon's Abandoned Sewer System. While he laid there dying in a murky pool of sewage and filth he noticed a purple glow in the corner of one of his eyes. As he reached out to grab the glowing object it began to heal his wounds and broken bones as it drew the very essence of life from the vermin and other creatures in his proximity, it also took Nucleus Sr.'s Powers and Psyche and twisted them When he finally arose from the murky sewage that would have been his grave he was Nucleus, no longer. From that moment on he became Lord Insidious and it was time to exact revenge on those who'd left him to die and time to exact due payment from the world he'd wasted years defending without compensation, it was time for Everyone To Pay! It took no time at all to find where his supposed wife was and fly through the window to give her exactly what she deserved for abandoning him to die. It was no surprise that one of the boys (Disruptor) would be there by her side watching over her, it took little effort to overpower him and knock him unconscious. As he loomed over his so-called Wife's soon to be death bed it hit him. He could not possibly accomplish all of his goals on his own he needed a Front man someone with charisma, someone with power also someone he could manipulate, and that's where Disruptor fit in. The boy already had a low self esteem from living in the shadow of Phaser and how hard could it be to make the boy believe that it was his own radiation blast during their battle in the hospital room that sent Novina to her grave. Lord Insidious set his dastardly plan in motion he awoke Novina just so she could see that the blast of radiation to end her life came from the hand of her own husband, then as soon as she died he woke up Disruptor and convinced him that the blast that Killed Novina came from his hands during the battle they had. Disruptor was horrifically shocked he didn't mean to kill her; he was trying to protect her. What would Phaser think? What would Nucleus Think? Lord Insidious turned to Disruptor and said “who you really need to be concerned about are the authorities. They'll fry you in the electric chair for the cold way you just killed a hero who risked her life to protect you. There's only one thing you can do Disruptor.” “What's That?” “Come with me to the Rogue Isles where you can begin anew. I'll look out for you until you're able to take care of yourself kid, it's the Only way you're gonna avoid The Chair.” That day Lord Insidious and Disruptor Left Paragon City for the Rogue Isles and their History is still being written….